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Federal Way Community Center
                                     After School Program

                                 Program begins September 4th       January   $220  April   $200
                                 and runs monthly until June 14th.  February  $210  May   $220
                                 Winter Early Release dates: Jan. 16,   March   $220  June   $120
                                 Feb. 6 & 27, Mar. 13 & 27, Apr. 24
                                                                    25% reduction if you qualify for free
                                                                    /reduced lunches
                                                                    Must provide letter from the school

                                 Mirror Lake   Twin Lakes   Sherwood Forest
                                                   Transportation provided by FW
                                                   School District to the Federal Way
                                                   Community Center
                                                   (Swimming On Early Release Days)
                                                   For more information
                                                   please call 253.835.6934

                                                   For online registration form

           M      indfulness                                                 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)  is a

                                                                             highly structured, 8-week program and an all-day
                                                                             retreat that supports the development of practical
           B    ased                                                         awareness and enhanced wellbeing. This course
                                                                             mindfulness skills, which can lead to greater
                                                                             consists of guided mindfulness meditation practices,
                                                                             gentle yoga, group discussion, communication
                                                                             exercises to increase awareness in everyday life, daily
                                                                             home practice, and guided meditation. MBSR is a
                                             These classes can change your life!
           S    tress                        Mindfulness classes have  been   scientifically validated course for stress and stress
                                                                             related symptoms.
                                             shown to be helpful for:
                                             • stress                        Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
           R    eduction                     • anxiety                       Dates: January 24th–March 14th
                                             • chronic pain
                                                                             Price: $300–$450 (sliding scale)
                                                                             First responder’s price $100 (please
                                             • depression
                                             • cancer                        provide badge).
                                             • high blood pressure
                                             • GI issues                     Instructor: Work Well NW
                                             • sleep disorders               Includes all day Retreat March 9th
                                             • weight management
                                             • every day challenges and more  Questions: Suzy Green 253-861-5644
                                                                             Registration: 253-835-6900
                                             Federal Way Community Center    Retreat open to students who have taken the course .
                                             876 S. 333rd Street • 253-835-6900

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