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Seniors 50+ Programs

       SENIOR SERVICES                     BOOK CLUB                           Health & Fitness

       Drop-In Activities                  Join us every Friday in our senior lounge  TAI CHI FOR HEALTH
                                           from 3:30pm–5:00pm for tea or coffee as   Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system of non-
       NEW ACTIVITIES                      we discuss different books . There is a $1   strenuous movements that focus the mind
                                           drop-in fee per class .
       Are you interested in joining other seniors                             while conditioning the body . Regardless of
       to play, cribbage, chess, or billiards at the  BINGO                    age or physical ability, practicing Tai Chi can
                                                                               improve balance and coordination, increase
       Federal Way Community Center? Please   Join us on Mondays from 10:00am–12pm
       call us at 253-835-6925 to discuss these   in our senior lounge for some Bingo . All   energy and stamina, reduce stress, calm the
                                                                               mind and improve overall health . Loose,
       programs and any other new programs you
       might be interested in .            seniors are welcome! $1 for every four cards .  comfortable clothing is recommended .
                                                                               Register early, at least one week prior to
                                           MEMOIR/CREATIVE WRITING             class start date to ensure a space and avoid
                                                                               class cancellations .
                                           Become inspired and supported as you
                                           discover the wealth of material you have in  Therapeutic Tai Chi
                                           your own life and memories . Find meaning   This class teaches a simplified set of 8 forms
                                           from your experiences, and capture it in   for those looking to work on balance and
                                           writing . Join us on Tuesdays from 10am–  coordination skills in a tai chi context .
                                           12pm in our senior lounge . There is a $2   The CDC has recognized this simplified
                                           drop-in fee per class .             set as proven for preventing falls . Loose
                                                                               comfortable clothing is recommended .
                                                                               All Ages | $64 | 16 wk(s)
                                           Join us every Friday from 8:30–9:30am   111211-02 | 1/15–4/30 | Tu | 4:30pm–5:00pm
                                           for Qigong . Qigong literally translates to   FWCC, Instr: Elaine Welty
                                           “energy exercise” and has been used in   Intermediate Tai Chi Class
                                           China for many years to regulate the body’s   This class is a follow on to the beginner
       SOCIAL BRIDGE FOR BEGINNERS         energy flow and promote healing . This class
                                           will teach basic breathing exercises to help   class . It is intended for those that have
       If you’ve never played Bridge before and   circulate your body’s energy and help with   learned all 24 forms of the Yang style short
       would like to, this is the place for you . Join                         form set, and seek the benefit of group
       us Wednesdays from 12:30–4:00pm at   relaxation . Please wear loose, comfortable   practice and further discussion .
                                           clothing . There is a $2 drop-in fee per class .
       Federal Way Community Center . There is a
       $2 drop-in fee per class .                                              All Ages | $128 | 16 wk(s)
                                           TAI CHI                             111211-03 | 1/15–4/30 | Tu | 5pm–6pm
       DUPLICATE BRIDGE PLAYER’S           Join us every Wednesday from 1:00–2:00pm   FWCC, Instr: Elaine Welty
       GROUP WITH LESSONS                  for some Tai Chi . There is no instruction   BEGINNER TAI CHI
                                           during these drop-in sessions . There is a $2
       Join us Monday afternoons from 12:15pm–  drop-in fee per class .        This class will teach the traditional Yang
       4:00pm for intermediate and above skill                                 style short/24 form set . To complete all
       levels . Lessons start promptly at 12:30pm   WATERCOLOR PAINTING        24 forms requires 12 to 16 classes . Loose
       followed by games at 1:00pm . An                                        comfortable clothing is recommended .
       experienced director and teacher will be   Join us on Thursday afternoons from   All Ages | $128 | 16 wk(s)
       here to teach and facilitate play . Everyone is   1pm–3pm for this all new watercolor drop-  111211-04 | 1/15–4/30 | Tu | 6pm–7pm
       welcome . There is a $2 drop-in fee per class .  in program . There is no instruction and
                                           participants are encouraged to bring their   FWCC, Instr: Elaine Welty
       BEGINNING LINE DANCING              own supplies . There is a $2 drop-in fee   BREATH, BODY & BALANCE
                                           per class .
       Join us on Mondays and Thursdays from                                   Find out how the breath, body, and balance
       1–2:30pm to learn the basics of line dancing .   OPEN PICKLEBALL FOR SENIORS  are connected through gentle joint warm-
       Don’t miss your chance to get some exercise                             up exercises, tai chi, and qigong (breathing
       and meet some new people . Everyone is   Played in doubles format, this exciting   exercises) . This class will teach tai chi basics
       welcome . Please wear comfortable shoes .   paddle sport is a mixture of tennis,   as well as the 8-Yang form . Please wear
       There is a $1 drop in fee per class .   badminton and ping pong . There is a $3   loose, comfortable clothing .
                                           drop-in fee per day . Monday–Thursday   All Ages | $112 | 16 wk(s)
                                           7am–12pm and Friday 7am–9am . Open to
                                           all levels of play, we have courts targeted   111212-01 | 1/9–4/24 | W | 8:30–9:30am
                                                                               FWCC, Instr: Hansie Wong
                                           for recreation/social play and courts whose
                                           play is competitive in nature .
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